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  • LOWER Costs

  • HIGHER Revenue

  • INCREASE Profitability

As your practice management and billing partner, Sound Medical Billing Solutions, LLC will keep you continuously advised with the latest laws governing outpatient billing, coding and claims submissions.  Sound Medical Billing Solutions, LLC monitors the ever changing landscape of medical billing facing your private practice specialty and any changes that effect Medicare, commercial payers, worker's compensation, and no-fault claims submissions.  

  • COVID-19 ALERT: Fewer staff required to be in  your office

  • No downtime due to staff vacations, turnover, or COVID-19 quarantine

  • No staff training

  • No hardware or software to purchase or maintain

  • No Worker's Compensation or Disability Insurance

  • No employee benefits costs

  • No concerns regarding Minimum Wage

The staff at Sound Medical Billing Solutions, LLC has overs 30 years of outpatient billing experience and has been  providing unparalleled service to outpatient rehabilitation private practices since 2005.  As a member of the SMBS family of practices you will benefit from the experiences of our clients that may benefit you and your practice. Sound Medical Billing Solutions, LLC provides our clients with the experience and insight to offer services pertinent to your specialty that general billing companies simply can not match. 

  • Team of experts dedicated to you and your practice

  • Increased time to devote to the health of your patients and the health of your practice

  • Comprehensive data reports

  • Updates pertinent to your practice specialty

  • Personalized Monthly, Quarterly and Annual practice data review

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